Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woogie is our Walton

I tend to post a lot about Teen Diva & Bossyhead. They tend to tear our world up the most in the wildest of ways sometimes. But I started realizing that I don't blog about Woogie too much. Usually just a quick little blurb in a Facebook post. So this one is for Woogie!

Woogie is our middle schooler. He is very smart (and I'm not just saying because I'm the mama). He had some medical issues as a baby & has fought through some appearance things. He was so adorable as a tot with a slight speech impediment. As he was getting into awkwardly aging years, there was some bullying going on with him. It has been heartbreaking.

Believe it or not, Woogie is a good kid despite being a teenager. He's not enjoying the transitions going on within him at all. And he doesn't like the way he ends up acting sometimes & he wears his heart on his sleeve. With Woogie, it's all or nothing!

Now because of some of what he has been through growing up, he tends to block things out around him. He is our oblivious child. He can start a conversation with you, no matter what is going on around - even if you are in a conversation with someone else. He tells you all kinds of things he thinks you need to know - even if you don't want to know. He has a vast knowledge of many things and tends to begin a conversation with you in the middle of the thought process already going in his Energizer-bunny-type brain. And, he speaks very loudly. Often.

His ability to talk to anyone at great length about anything at anytime is a blessing and a curse. Bless his heart.

And since he does have such a big heart, he cares what others think - usually. He has a big heart for others & a very charitable heart. He always has. And it's because of this, he is our John-Boy. (reference for those who ever watched the Waltons).

Woogie can't leave the house or go to bed without covering every person at least twice. We literally get this pretty much every morning:
"Bye guys. See you later. Have good days. Tell Bossyhead bye for me. We will see you after school. Hope you have a good days. I love you & see you guys later. Bye."

Or when it's time to go to bed:
"Good night guys. Have a good night. Sweet dreams. I told Teen Diva good night. I shut up the dog for the night. I brushed my teeth. I'm going to tell Bossyhead good night & tell him sweet dreams. So sleep good guys. I love you. Good night."

I wish I were exaggerating about the Walton-ness of Woogie, but I'm not. Hubsy & I laugh to ourselves about it often. Hubsy has even tried to throw Woogie off guard by doing it back, but the obliviousness of Woogie sets in, and he doesn't get it.

And if you missed why he's called "Woogie", it a mash-up of Wikipedia & Google with a touch of a Star Wars reference. That would be my kid. He can be annoying, but he's a good kid that we are proud of.

So, I hope you liked the post. I hope you read more. Hope it gave you a good snicker. I will see you later. I will check in later. See you soon. Bye.
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