Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Daily Love Affairs

* a love letter of confession *

Every morning I wake up wrapped up in your warmth and comfort. You make me feel so good, no matter how I look. Even when I'm sick, you hold me tight and help me feel better.

But something comes over me; I cannot seem to help myself. I leave you for another. For this love is a hot and steamy one. I cannot help but to tear my clothes off for this encounter. What can I say? I turn him on. I am showered in the way he makes me feel all over my exposed skin, the overall massage he gives - just the way I'm touched, and, oh, the positions I get into to make sure he touches me everywhere. It is such an encounter, it takes using a close by towel before I can leave. I realize it sounds so dirty, but he makes me feel so much better.

I, then, confess that I have yet another rendezvous. This one is another hot one, but tends to stimulate me more. I don't think I could make it through the day without this meeting with him. And he smells so good. I love how he tastes, too. It's an interesting and intimate relationship. The company is so soothing.

Once in a while, there's another. This one just makes me calm at the end of a stressful day. He knows just how to make me feel when he goes down. I just need to sit back and let him take control. It's generally such a relaxing encounter. But it doesn't seem to last either.

So I come back to you. You always seem to take me back. It never matters what I've done or how I look. You welcome me, you hug me, snuggle me, and even comfort me. It's you in whom I truly rest. It's you who begins & ends my day no matter who else I've encountered. You even let me cry it out. You are even OK when I make it a threesome; letting someone else enjoy our company.

So, Bed, I want to say that I will continue to see the shower, coffee & a glass of wine, and let my husband sleep with us, but know that it's always you who is truly needed, even though I don't say it enough.

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  1. LMAO... AWESOME! (that's my new word lately, can't seem to stop using it. It's just so... awesome!)