Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whine for Wine

If you've noticed, we have a teenage daughter. A pretty mouthy one, too. And she likes to try to push buttons. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

We had taken her with us to her high school open house so she could show us where her classes were at. We made jokes all night about how we would have to friend all of the teachers for the times we would have to stay in contact. I only slightly joke.

When we left that evening, we were laying down more laws for the school year as well as reminder her of the ones already set. Of course she got sassy - it's what she does. I got on to her for her nasty attitude & reminder her that she knew it was coming. She didn't like that answer & gave a very hateful response; so daddy got onto her for her attitude. She came back with, "Does Daddy need a beer?"

Are you kidding me? I'm thinking Mommy needs a wine! But was that even considered?

How is it that she is willing to make sure dad chilled out, but mom has to stay stressed?

Yes, you are reading this right: I'm whining about the lack of wining. Can I get an amen from other winey/whiney mamas?

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  1. I realize this may sound like self-promotion (OK, it kind of is...) but if you haven't seen "The Mom Song" or the teenage girl's response, check out his post.

    And definitely check out It's a parenting site written by teenagers and young adults. (The site's founder is the teenage girl in the "Response to the Mom Song" video.

    The Mom Song is my favorite. :-) I sing it all the time!