Thursday, August 25, 2011

Messy Car Kid Valet

I'm such a loving mom that I relish in the moment that I can get yet another kid on the bus. It happens 3 times in a morning. Imagine a sense of relief when I get the 3rd one done! Crazy mornings!

There is a "tradition" at our house that involves car rides on the 1st day of school or sometime in the 1st week. My diva 15yo daughter believes this goes to her no matter what, even if it screws up a morning or day for anyone else. So she made my hubby take her on the 1st day...AND pick her up! Geesh! But that meant that the other boys would not be taken by parent chauffeur. However, my hubby worked it that he could pickup the older boy to bring him home. The youngest was looking forward to riding the bus to & from school! Whew! That helped the chaos a little bit.

Well, the kids have been in school a week, and I think the youngest has now figured out that he has not yet been a car rider. So he asked WAY too late yesterday we worked it out today. So, as I pull up to the school, I start realizing that there is a school staff member opening the back doors of the cars to let the kid(s) a valet. Uh...ruh-roh! My car is a disaster! Then...I realize my son is going to have to crawl across the back seat to await this particular school "valet". I was just hoping that papers, paper towels, old pop tarts, expired sales ads or a jacket didn't jump out at this woman's feet! D'oh!

Even worse? I volunteered at the school once a week last year. These people know me. Guess who will likely be the teachers' lounge conversation focus? Pretty sure my hand goes up here.

Well, they are lucky I decided to put on a bra before I left the house. Baby steps...and a lot of bus rides!

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