Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Omelette Week

If you think that Omelette Week sounds yummy & exciting, then read on & see how it's more like Shark Week.

School started back for my kids last week. The 1st day (Wednesday) was a half day, the high school lets out an hour early every Thursday, and my hubby has Fridays off. I have been looking forward to school starting so I can attempt to get my sanity back. I love my kids, but they were making each other crazy, which was making me crazy. But having three days that were really discombobulated, I was looking forward to the 2nd week of school - a full week with three full days for me to get my stuff done! Right? RIGHT?

I was looking forward to this week. Monday wasn't too bad. It was more of a lazy day as I was basking in the thought I would have a few days coming to do my stuff. Then I found out that my younger son had finally agreed to do soccer (after WEEKS of deliberation), so we were finding out about practice times. Come to find out, he would be having practice on Tuesday night.

Tuesday was also the afternoon that my older son had his orthodontist appointment, a longer one since they had to do extra stuff to his mouth this time. I was getting ready to run errands on Tuesday when my hubby called & wanted to know if I wanted to meet him for lunch. That was nice, but it was filled with shop talk. Then I needed to head on home due to timing & what should've taken me 10 minutes to get home, took me 25 minutes due to backed up traffic, an evacuation situation at a medical building with cops trying to get thru standstill traffic, a funeral procession that couldn't get thru the standstill traffic, and a fresh accident waiting for law enforcement due to...standstill traffic. Then we got dinner ordered (that was in the original plan, luckily), and then we got my youngest ready for soccer practice while my hubby got ready for a meeting.

I then find out that my daughter's high school open house is Wednesday night (tonight). Not a big deal. Then a get a text from her saying that she left a school book at home that she needs for the next class. So, I got that taken to the school just in time.

Apparently, my older son has his middle school open house tomorrow night. Of course.

In the meantime, I have been pulled into some family drama & shop talk this week, so I can't get my stuff done anyway.'s "Omelette Week": scrambled, filled quickly, flipped & fried. Can you tell? And the week isn't over yet...

When I was talking to my mother about the craziness & said that I was just waiting to see how my weeks would actually look. She brought up the point that this is possibly how a regular week is going to look. Ouch.

Hmmmm...strangely, I'm hungry for an omelette now...

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