Monday, August 22, 2011

Unprivate Private Times

As a mommy, whether I was working or staying at home, I run into a particular situation more often than not. I'm wondering if it happens to you, too.

When I have the family at home, especially the kids, there seems to be a radar setting they have that hones in when I am in the bathroom. If I am on the toilet or in the shower, it seems to be the only time my family needs me. They knock on the door (sometimes) or just start their question or conversation (that can generally wait) right through the door. Luckily my family knows not to open the door unless I say it's OK. There are families where the mom is interrupted by the abrupt opening of the bathroom door. My heart goes out to you. But when you are enjoying a moment of privacy, it is inevitable that it will be interrupted some way, some how. When I'm in the shower, even. As I am trying to get the shampoo out of my hair, the shower stream over my head, I realize there's a voice outside the bathroom door trying to holler at me over the fan & the sound of the shower. Then I have to have them open the door just so I can hear them & it's usually someone asking if they can have a snack...because it couldn't wait. *sigh*

My other unprivate private moment is whenever I am getting dressed/changed. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, if I am getting ready for the day, getting ready to head out, getting ready for church, trying out a new/different outfit...that's when the kids MUST come in. Usually it's to tell me they are bored, to fill me in on high school drama, to tell me they are hungry, or just to see what's's me half-dressed & then they figure out it's not the best moment. My 15yo daughter & 6yo son seem to not care, even when I announce I'm getting dressed or changed. My 13yo son is the funny one - his freak out moments on this is the best & that kid can clear a room so fast, you'd think his name was Dash Parr.

I wish I knew how to change that radar setting in kids, but I think it's just gotta happen when they are in bed or out of the house. When are some other times that this happens? Because I've even tried hiding in my closet to get to get changed.

Um...the interrupted time with your significant other is a whole other post!

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