Friday, August 26, 2011

First Eff Off Friday

...for me, anyway.

Another great mom came up with the idea of a Fantasy Eff Off Friday! It's the end of the week & it's been we get to say "eff off" to whomever or whatever we need to that you can't do in the real world! Well, you could, but it would be super mean & awful. Still, I love this idea! You can just get it off your chest.

If you saw a previous post of mine, you saw I considered this week Omelette Week. So you will understand that what should have been a lazier, easier week, turning into 5+ days of being scrambled, filled, flipped & fried.

As Monday (usually the "dreaded day of the week") came around, it was pretty OK. I procrastinated that day knowing I would have a few days to follow that I could get my stuff done. That changed in a heartbeat. Found out Monday night that Tuesday would begin a week of total chaos. From last minutes soccer practices, to two surprise open houses, to escalated family drama (that I married into, by the way), to orthodontist appointments, to taking things to kids at school because they were "forgotten", now to added day trips to help grandma go through stuff to finish packing, an impromptu breakfast with more family, fitting in a grocery run, extra trips to the store since the kids think they need to eat extra in the house, to lunch dates turning into shop talk & sounding coffee is strong enough to keep up with this omelette week! A few of the listed ingredients are on top of the already-scheduled ingredients of this week. Oh, and let's make sure to top it off with some rich & creamy high school drama.

Do you understand where I'm coming from?

So, I just want to say to Omelette Week: Eff Off!!

Now, let me get some coffee, and we can continue with our regularly scheduled (cough, cough) Friday.

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