Monday, October 17, 2011

Money, Money, Money - I Hate Fundraising

You mean you brought home ANOTHER fundraiser that we aren't going to do? I know you want the crappy prizes, but we aren't getting crappy stuff!

Anyone else have this thought process or conversation with their kids about school fundraisers? These things are horrible!

I know the school needs money for resources and the like, but there's GOT to be a better way!

And? There are 300 other kids selling the same crap to everyone else, too. Annoying! And? They get prizes for selling enough of the crap! So - if you sell 73.4 items, you get get a pencil topper & fart slime? Awesome. We get to spend $83 to get a crappy plastic ladle & coasters? Great. Worth it? NOT A CHANCE!

I would rather the schools just send out a note saying they need $$$. I will happily just give them $20 or $30 to help out. Seriously.

Now my kids have done the "district fundraiser". EVERY kid from kindergarten through 8th grade was to sell these for "fabulous prizes" (see above paragraph). But all these kids in the district are selling them. We had 2 in our house selling them. They were due today. We didn't buy any. Instead we bribed the boys with $5 each that they could spend on whatever crap prize they want from Wally World or elsewhere & then we didn't have to take a card that we would only use 2 of the 20 things from.

I have a much better fundraising idea! Have a talent show for the faculty. Let the kids advertise for it & then keep a tab of which kids you are there to watch the show for. Most of the faculty have an outside talent that can be shared. However, if one was moonlighting as a pole dancer or drag queen, that might be a little different. But I digress. Most of them have a singing, dancing (appropriate), magic, etc. talent. What kid wouldn't want to know that about their educators! And the parents would love to know who is working with their kids - so show off the talent! The kids would beg to come to this event, it would be entertaining for adults & it wouldn't take a kid asking you to buy 20 things to get a crap prize. Hold a drawing at the event for the kids AND for the adults.

I want to help the schools. They need money. I've seen it first hand from doing DOORMAT duties to see where the money needs to go. But there HAS to be a better way! People are guilting their kids into being seriously pushy sales people. It's frustrating when they get told they need to get pumped up for crappy prizes. If they want prizes, just send some $$ to school in their name & give them happy stickers. I mean really!

Am I the only one who feels this way? Or has anyone else bribed their kids into NOT doing a fundraiser?
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  1. I'm so with you... I'd rather just give the school a check to spend as they see fit.... I'm trying to get rid of shit not buy more overpriced Crap. LOL and I'm pta fundraising co chair for my kids school.

  2. ok so well, im a ptc (parent teacher council) president and um let me just say...I HATE most fundraisers, don't head them up and finally we have an opt out~ we typically just do that.... I am soooo with you here. We have a ton of kids in the area who all come and sell the same stuff! even from different schools. Last year I ended up with 4 entertainment cards~ 1 from my own kid and 3 my husband bought off other kids~ finally I was like "honey, NO!!!! don't you see all the $20 cards you don't use???!!!" a donation for a raffle~ maybe but geez! enough is enough.

  3. Yea, we're in our second year of public school and I dread when the fundraiser packet comes home. They hype up the prizes and my poor guy doesnt realize that he needs to be the top seller in the whole school to get the glow in the dark alien toss up toy! Boo.
    But, we did like the cookies last year... :)

  4. I am with you totally!! Especially since we live in an area where we don't know anyone. Really, do I want my kid going door-to-door to sell a bunch of stuff that I'm only going to have to deliver and hope to the good Lord that they actually paid for? I would much rather give the school a donation or have them push the community to donate to things like the campbell's labels. Although, I do have to say that two fundraisers I miss from back home are MARKET DAY and band booster pizzas, lol. Band boosters pizza are from a local pizza place, reasonably priced, DELICIOUS, and the kids have to come in one Saturday after orders are taken and make them (put sauce, cheese, toppings on them) and then they delivered that day. Market Day has always had high quality products, imho, and been reasonably priced for most things. So, keep your damned wrapping paper and greeting cards and give me some food!

  5. Esther Steenbergen LongOctober 20, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    I hate fundraising as well. Our school came up with a great idea- a Hike. There is no cost to the school to have it. You can sponsor your child at a flat rate or per lap. The kids get to spend an hour outside walking laps. Volunteers mark their lap cards as they come around. The following week you send in the money. Done! My kids love it and I don't mind spending $20-$30 for the school. My parents would also rather give then have to buy crap!