Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playing With My (Halloween) Food

I'm going make it very known that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!

If I have the chance to be creative with my food for it, I do it. I try to keep my anonymity around these parts, but I'm going share some of my fun creations & it might give me away to some. That's how it goes. I want to share some fun ideas with you. You can either gawk & be horrified or gander & be amazed! HA!

My favorite is the stuff I use with my brain mold. I have a big one that I have used, and recently received a smaller one that I really want to use! They can be used to make a cheeseball (love doing a cheese brain) or gelatin. We even used the big brain mold for a brain project for Woogie several years ago. He got an 'A' & the class loved the jello brain! Apparently no one had done jello brain for a brain model for the project before. HA! And, for effect - serve on a silver platter. When the cheese brain was done, we brushed a little ketchup over the top for gorier effect.

Another fun one is a zombie face cake! Take several layers of foil & put it over your face or someone else's. Not to smother them - but to make a mold of their face. The several layers of foil help give it stability. Carefully place the foil mold face down (pun slightly intended) in a cake pan. I have one that was completely cut up & bent to hold the face mold. Spray the foil face with cooking spray & then take red velvet cake mix & fill as much as you can. Bake it & use the toothpick test. Sometimes it may bake for a couple of hours. But when you take it out & let it cool, pick that thing up & flip it over in a cake pan or glass dish; peel off the foil & you will be amazed at what you see! Take a blue, black or brown icing pen & make a line over the mouth & eyes. Crush oreos & put it around the face cake & it will look like a zombie face coming out of the ground!

There' also punch you can make. A tomato-juice-based drink that you can add cherry to, or other fruit juices to sweeten it up. take some of the juice & put it in a human heart mold & freeze it. Spray the mold first! You then can have a floating heart in your blood punch. So cool! Serve it in a cauldron! Bwah-hahahaha! (Sorry - no pic of it.)

There's also witch fingers you can make. Take your favorite cookie dough & form cylinders. Begin shaping them into "fingers" & add an almond slice at the tip for a fingernail. Color the dough with green food coloring if you want witch fingers.

Another tomato-juice-based dish you can make is Eyeball Soup. It's red, creamy, hot (simmer down people - hehe), and it has pearl onions in it! I took it a step further & added whole cloves to one end of each onion I put in there. It was wonderfully twisted!

So, there you go. Inside my mind at Halloween time. So much fun. Bone Appetite!
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  1. Bone appetite indeed! From another Halloween lover here and your newest follower x

    Michellle @ Farmers Wifey