Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet...

This morning, Bossyhead had gotten up & was laying on the floor watching TV. And I noticed that he was no longer looking at the television. The lower half of his body had not moved, but the upper half was slightly twisted, with his chin on his soccer ball, facing the opposite direction of the TV. He looked dazed, like maybe daydreaming or something.

I asked him if he was doing OK. He only shifted his eyes to me & nodded slightly, then his eyes began staring at the floor again. I kept watching him to see what the deal was.

As I looked closer, I realized he was studying a fly on the carpet. So I asked him if he was looking at the fly. Again, I only received a slight nod. He was doing this in hopes to not scare the fly away.

So, as I watched him, his look slightly changed. He rolled forward on his ball a bit & quickly raised & lowered his arm as to attempt to smash the fly - but to no avail.

I then noticed that the ball had been moved out of the way, he was laid out, on his belly, in commando position, tracking down the fly on the floor again - slowly making his move, quietly slithering closer. A raise of the hand & a quick lowering of the hand proved to be another defeat.

He has given up for now, but I know it will become personal. Those little buggers (pun intended) may not stand a chance against our little nimrod.


UPDATE: This afternoon - he got one! We are so proud. Carry on.

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  1. We have slow as molasses flies here. My boys get them every time! And my 4 year old likes to keep them on the bottom of his shoe so they will "stay dead" and "not get alive again", according to him!

  2. Nice...That's out future right there.