Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Premium Leaded, Please - NOT Special Blend

I have a fickle hubby. That's what makes me wonder why he's still with me sometimes. But I digress.

As you may well be aware, if you follow me on Facebook &/or Twitter, or caught my love affair post, that I love my coffee. I could drink it all day long. Just note that if I did, you'd better watch out. When I am out & order coffee, I always make sure it's leaded. None of that decaf crap for me. I need my jolt.

My hubby, on the other hand, can't have the full-frontal power of coffee. His system doesn't deal with it well. So we get that half-caf crappola. But any caffeine is good caffeine, I guess.

On top of "needing" half-caf, my hubby is truly fickle on the flavor. I'm not saying we have to have the $8/small bag of coffee, but we have done Folgers for a very long time. There are points in time when he just gets bored with what we have. So, we are currently on the look out for some decently tasting coffee that is a half-caf or that we can "blend" together with separate caf & decaf. If you know of any, please let me know. We are currently on Walmart's Great Value self-blend. It's OK, but I still want to look.

Now since I start our coffee pot later so it's fresher all the way around for hubby & I, and I want some further into the morning, I am going to take a friend's advice & get some Starbuck's Via packets. Then I can be like the guy in the commercial who is making himself sausage in one commercial & bacon in the other & he is cooking it on the stove & then heating some up in the microwave! That's what I'll be doing: having a fully-caffeinated packet of Via or two while waiting for the coffee pot to brew. Then I can get an early jolt (hopefully) before backing off to half-caf.
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