Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Eff Off Friday

Well, neighbors - it's another Eff Off Friday! And I am going to share a couple of them today.

1. Getting Old
This is a rite of passage & earn being able to say things without anyone telling you that you can't, and when people look to you for your wisdom. It also brings forth so many ailments, it makes me sad. When the focus is on which of your friends have gone to the hospital or died, it gets me. When a group of you get together to complain about the younger generation who is different than you, it's disheartening. I want to live a good, long life - but when I come into contact with this, especially several times in the same week, it makes me rethink it.

2. Creepy Guy
I take pride in my hair. No matter how I wear it, it's a "trademark" of sorts. I'm kind of a hair goddess in a weird way. So I do get complimented on it a lot - then that makes me feel good. And I know I've done OK with it when a get a compliment from a gay guy. Those are my favorites! Now let me take you to standing in the check-out line at Walgreen's yesterday: there was this guy in front of me, about my age; he was fairly nice looking, tall, dark, well dressed in his polo & slacks, along with a little bluetooth earpiece in his ear. I thought he'd glanced back at me a couple of times, and then he said it - "I really love your hair." I thanked him for the kind words - and then it got weird quickly. He said he glanced back & thought he was looking at an old movie poster of the woman who's flexing her muscle. My hair was reminicent of Rosie the Riviter so I knew who he was talking about. When I brought up Rosie, he continued,"Yeah! That's who. When my wife & I have kids, and if we have a girl, we are going to hang that poster in the nursery. Wasn't she some kind of pin-up girl?" Yeah - I have no idea what had just happened there either, but I informed him it was about women in the workforce, and he cut me off, "Oh, right, back in World War II." In my house, he is what we refer to as a "creeper". I ignored him after that since he was up at the cashier at that point & I didn't want to hear anymore.

So, to getting old & the creeper guy this week: Eff Off!

I think I feel a little better now.
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  1. I feel better too!!! I can't wait to tell people to fuck off today, THANX RHH!!!!!

  2. What? You don't think the younger generation is whack? And you don't weird guys saying weird thing in the check out line?

    LOL. Thanks for playing along again! BUT, you need to go back to my post and do the linky at the bottom!