Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Feel This Way About the Mailman

In my 1st post about the mailman, and my 2nd post, you should have an idea how I feel about the mailman. After the 2nd post, I now have proof!

I want you to look at this picture:

Do you see the size difference in these boxes? It's pretty obvious, I think.

In my last post about a particular "delivery" that the mailman "refused" to deliver & I had to pick it up or schedule a delivery is the small white box - my free perfume sample.

The brown box contained a Jell-O mold I ordered. I found it INSIDE my mailbox today.

So, to make things even more clear, here are the box size differences for you again:

I despise my mailman. Retire already, dude!
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  1. I think he is related to the lady that delivers our mail. If she decides that we haven't picked it up that day and our box is full or we have an oversized package, there are a group of lockers that they have to put the mail in and then they leave the key in your mailbox. If you haven't figured it out yet, we have like a group mail station where we live. So, mail lady decides that she doesn't like the fact that our mail is accumulated and proceeds to send all of the mail back to the post office. No notification of this - nothing. The post office decides to inform people that we no longer live at our address ... just imagine the problems we have had trying to straighten this all out. So, we have to file one of those "hey I moved" cards with the post office with the same address. So, about two weeks later, we get phone calls from people telling us that our mail has been returned to them saying we don't live at that address again! Yes, the post office is my favorite place.

  2. Our mailman used to drive around in a small red beat up compact car with our mail in his open trunk. On many occasions we would find our mail scattered in the street. On another occasion, while on a walk with my family, we caught him driving off, having left the entire mailbox door open and his keys still in it! We stopped him at that point and said, "Uh, did you forget something?"