Friday, September 2, 2011

Only a Liquor Tease

Some of you may have seen not too long ago that I am helping clean out my grandmother's house. I have been having a difficult time with it, and, knowing she doesn't drink or smoke or anything, I joked about hoping to find some wine in her house. Ha. Ha.

Went back to help out some more today. I was told to clean out another cabinet, and then - I saw it!

I began jumping up and down when I saw the bottom of a bottle that resembled a wine bottle, if you asked me. I pulled it out in excitement & shock! First, the thought that I'd found a wine bottle WITH liquid in it inside my grandmother's house was just a shock to me. Second, I had deliberately blown off the fact I would ever find liquor of any sort inside that house.

Upon further inspection by hubsy, it was discovered that it was an unopened bottle of...




...sparkling grape juice. Crappola!

I so need a glass of wine after that psyche-out.
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1 comment:

  1. I recently blogged about finding a bag of marijuana seeds in my grandma's sewing stuff that I've been carrying around with me since 1999. It could have been worse than the grape juice, lol!