Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nearly Neighborly Eyeful

First, I would like to wish you all a very Happy National Good Neighbor Day! You know I love my neighbors! And I almost was a REALLY good neighbor to some of my real life neighbors. And it would have been embarrassing - for me anyway.

My day yesterday was a little turned upside-down. Slightly Omelette, but it could've been worse. After my kids were a bit difficult as we were preparing for a very full morning of getting a new furnace & air conditioner, I didn't exactly have the time I had hoped to sneak in to get cleaned up. It was just the heating & air guys, so who cares! And by the time they were done, it was time to get ready to get the kids home from school.

So, today I was SO happy to be able to get into the shower! I had to have my coffee, Nutella & neighbor time first, though. So I was preparing & could hear the the stupid mail truck for blocks, so I figured I could get cleaned up & shaved (I wouldn't want to be accused of trying to stab someone if they got next to me) before I checked the mail.

So, I got cleaned & smoothed, then checked to see if Hubsy had come home for lunch yet. He hadn't, so I started to go out to get the mail, since I didn't hear the truck anymore. I went to open the front door to head out there when I looked down & realized ----- I was still wrapped in my towel!

My, my! That would have made some of the neighbors happy, I'm sure. Probably not-so-much to others. Super embarrassing for me. But - I bet if the crusty, grumpy mailman had come around at that time, he may not have been so grumpy anymore.

Luckily it was averted. Not exactly the "Good Neighbor" gesture I had in mind.
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