Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double Belt "Fashion"

If you are following my mommy-fashion advice, then you know I've only given one tip so far. So what can we pair with the new Mom Jeans? Read on.

The other day, I had a certain outfit on for one event, then came home & changed to something else. I left on my same jeans for both outfits. (My new bootcut jeans, not my work-in-progress mom jeans.) In transfer of outfits, I did something by accident that I felt like such a dork about! And? I didn't realize until later in the day when I used the restroom. That's when I discovered what I did:

I double-belted. Not even in the fun 80's style of several dangly belts on purpose; I'm talking a belt to hold up my pants & an accessory belt! But it's not as bad as it sounds! I swear!

As a mommy, I do still have what I call my "mommy-hips". Jeans & pants seem to fit this kind of hips differently. So, I do end up wearing a belt sometimes. But I also am a bit modest & will wear longer tops to help cover this physical attribute. Sometimes it's a tunic, mini dress as a tunic, long sweater, etc. Sometimes, these tops need a little umph, so I add a belt, of sorts, to help accentuate/create the illusion of a waist. I'm not big, just a self-conscious thing.

Well, on the day that I am speaking of, I realized that I had the belt on to keep up my pants, a longer shirt (not even a tunic this time), and a really cool belt over. However, if my top scooted up a little bit, you would have seen my amazing-crazy fashion goof! The fashion police would have arrested me right then & there!

Now let's keep this in mind: I (choose to) believe that this goof was genius!

Think about! As long as you wear a tunic of sorts over the top of your jeans, wear the belt THROUGH the loops to keep the pants over your mommy hips, and then the cute decorative belt OVER the tunic for your pop!

And? You can totally pull this off when you wear your Mom Jeans, too.

You're Welcome.
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  1. Love it! I too have to wear a belt to keep my pants up to an apporiate spot (I don't care if it's not cool anymore) but I usually wear longer shirts too. I am not cool enough though to try the belt over the shirt thing. Maybe sometime soon I will venture out and try it. It's got to look good on me if it does on you! :) Right!?!

  2. This is a cute story. Thanks for sharing. I think it is always unifying when moms admit to one another their embarrassing short comings-which aren't necessarily always short comings, as in your situation! Good save!

  3. I have been double-belting etc for years and years....it's just like wrap bracelets...no biggie....not for everyone, but they fit my personality.